So who am I? I’m a singer/songwriter and occasional Elton John impersonator based in Bromley, South-East London. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 5 and singing for the past 7 years. I like to think of myself as Mr adaptable and try to play a bit of everything. I’ll do any requests… as long as I know it, or can find the chords on my iPad. I’m a fan of all music though I’m a particular fan of Elton John (as you will see below), The Beatles and AC/DC.

I have several projects going at the moment, there’s a bit about each below. If you want to check any of them out, look on my gigs page and see if they are in a venue near you.

Jamie Bull

On my own at the keys or sometimes with a bit of percussion, I play a varied mix of classic songs from the 50s right the way up to the present day. The Stones, The Beatles, Bruno Mars, Lady Ga Ga, Chas & Dave I try to do a bit of everything. I can even do a bit of Vera Lyne as well if you fancy something pre 50s... I’m also always putting my pen to the paper and coming up with something of my own. Check out my music plage for a few examples of my own songs.

Jamie And The Jets

As I may have mentioned above a couple of times, I’m a pretty big Elton John fan. I also play the piano and don’t mind dressing up in sequins, so it was inevitable that eventually I’d try my hand at a Rocket Man tribute.

We play all the big hits, and some of the lesser known ones as well. There’s a big light display, large glasses and all the sequins you could imagine. Check out the Jets website for more details and shows near you,

The B-Movie Creatures

Sometimes you just need to let your hair down and rock out. Fans of AC/DC, Aerosmith and Zepplin? This one’s for you. Two full sets of classic rock covers for you to shout along to. It’s loud and it certainly isn’t pretty. Check out the main site for more details